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VTEC Decor Company Limited
We have created quality work, recognition and credibility

VTEC Decor Company Limited registered as a company on 7th of August 2015
The company had a registered capital of 110,000,000 baht,

The company is a contractor for interior, construction and engineering systems for various types of buildings such as office building, commercial building, residential building, hotel, hospital, shopping mall, factory, condominium and educational building. The company is considered a medium sized company with expertise in many areas covering all jobs from both government and private companies

For sustainable growth, the company gives importance and aware of the organization’s existence and environment, seek for management instruments to driven organization, providing quality of service which complies with general standards, meeting customer needs especially their highest satisfaction to gain advantage over business competition. On December 2017, the company is certified by ISO 9001:2015 in order to convey the quality system for development and to be complied continuously. 2560

“We build it right at the first time

Interior Decoration